If we’re honest, most people have the holiday blues even when they are in the dream job. That looming feeling of going back to work, getting back into the routine, whilst knowing that the next holiday could be a whole year away. It may not be the job itself; it could be the commute, an annoying colleague or the knowledge that you have a difficult project coming up. But once we do get back into work we forget all of this……….or do we???

If after a week back at work you’re still questioning your situation, it’s time to really review your career position, your prospects, goals and ultimately make a plan of action. Below are a list of questions that will help you determine whether you need to “pull yourself together” or have a good look at the next step for your career.

When describing your job/company/boss what words would you use?

Positives                                                                                      Negatives

When you think about work how does it make you feel?

Fulfilled                                                                                        Bored

Excited                                                                                         Stressed

Challenged                                                                                  Worried

Where do you see yourself in 2 years time?

Promoted                                                                                    New Company

Doing the same thing                                                                 Not Sure

New Skills not new job                                                               Career Change


How would you feel if you were made redundant?

Disappointed                                                                              Relieved

Sad                                                                                              Energised

Frustrated                                                                                   Focused

If most of your answers are on the left hand side you are happy with your job but maybe worth discussing any issues like promotion or further training with your manager.

If your answers are on the right it is time to plan a new career move, NOT TIME TO MAKE A QUICK DECISION.

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