Executive Recruitment Services


hrough our partnerships both here in the UK and internationally we know that identifying and attracting talented individuals can often be frustrating. The employment market is like a pendulum swinging from an Employer Market to Candidate Market on a cyclical basis. Right now, it’s a Candidate Market, top talent is difficult to find and attract. Unemployment across the board is at an all-time low and exceptional candidates are in the driving seat. We know that to attract the very best talent our clients offering has to be the best offer available. This does not always come down to money, remuneration, salary etc., call it what you will. Although salary level is of course relevant and important it is actually often 4th or 5th on a candidates list of priorities. Aspects such as level of responsibility and autonomy, infrastructure and reporting lines, working hours and conditions/environment, employer brand and reputation are often higher up the list along with progression opportunities, company growth and strategy. All things that C level candidates see as being essential. We support our clients in the following areas:

Key Candidate Identification


s a company looks to grow or go through a period of strategic change it will need to plan carefully and thoroughly. It may need new leaders to assist with and guide them through the growth or change process. The company may also have to realise and accept that it may lose key staff as a result of the pace of growth, the direction it needs to go in and the strategic changes it will need to make. At Henry James Executive we consult with our clients to plan and prepare for such disruptions to proactively search the market for talented passive and active candidates who possess the key skills that our clients may need. In effect, a proactive talent bank and shortlist.

Talent Mapping


process that is closely linked to and aligned with Key Candidate Identification. The challenge of succession planning can be exactly that. Our aim is to help our clients plan proactively. We research the market to identify what is happening in your market place, among your competitors and across sectors, industries and organisations where transferrable skills can be found. We identify individuals that may be of value to your organisation and your longer term strategy. Individuals that would be interested in opportunities, as they arise, within your business. In short, a road map that leads to your front door for the key personnel you may need to attract.

Pre-Screen and Select


lthough in this process we do not actually make the final candidate selection we assist our clients in doing so. Where a recruitment process has been conducted, resulting in a list of potentially successful candidates we will carry out pre-screening checks on behalf of our clients. This can include DBS/ISA checks, Finance and Credit checks, Skill and qualification checks/verification or validation. We undertake pre-offer referencing (consensual) and of course right to work in the UK checks. Additionally we are happy to take on board other checks and tailor the pre-screening process relevant to our clients’ needs and priorities.

Sector Research


his can encompass anything from salary benchmarking through to emerging and developing sector or market technologies. It’s a kind of who is doing what, where and how much are they paying for it in staffing terms. A valuable insight for companies already operating in a particular industry or sector but also for organisations considering a move in to specific and new markets.

Retained Services


sually reserved for the most senior positions. A retainer (up-front fee, typically 1/3) is paid on appointment or initiation of a highly specific search assignment.   Search fees are typically 30% of the annual remuneration/package. Fee payments are made in thirds, 1/3 of fee paid on initiation of the search, 1/3 paid on presentation of the first shortlist, and the final 1/3 paid upon final placement of the candidate. There are no rebates for a retained search however should the worst happen and the selected candidate leave the organization within an agreed period we will find an alternative, suitable replacement. We are appointed to conduct the entire recruitment effort from startup until the candidate joins your organization.

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